The Departure

Yeah, that’s about as exciting as it gets at the moment I’m afraid…

After some strategic packing, my bag was just under the 23kg allowance of 22.9kg – would have had to throw some of Stu’s toiletries out if push came to shove! Somehow Stu’s bag was only 15kg – blatantly he will be carrying my bag!

Now we are sat at the departure gate at Manchester airport and Stu is already moaning that he really does not want the children anywhere near us! Cute as they are they can annoy someone else for the next 8 hours to Chicago!


Inflight entertainment

Real time update… The kids are nowhere near us and Chloe is already twitching, snoring in my ear! CHLOE EDIT: FYI I wasn’t snoring! I did manage to convince Chloe that “Home and Away, The Movie” was the featured film!

After 4.5 hours we flew over the southern tip of Greenland, being in the middle row we had to meerkat over the shoulders of those more fortunate (or more prepared than us two and reserved their seats early!) but we got a pretty decent view of the snow capped mountain range. How in a few hours things have changed… We have two very animated and loud men in front of us who Stu is now wishing would swap places with the two screaming children from earlier.

So… They didn’t change places but we successfully made it to our first destination, a snowy Chicago, hilariously Chloe was stuck for 10 minutes answering security questions whilst I was whisked through and was even asked if I would like to jump the queue as I looked military. Sadly the passport didn’t hold up. We left Chicago after the plane had been de-iced due to the snow, to land in Miami where it was a mild 28… that’s more like it! Singing “Will Smith – Miami” on repeat.

“Party in the city when the heat is on, all night on the beach till the break of dawn… Welcome to Miami”


Excitement begins…

So, we got to Chicago a little later than expected and the plane hung around on the tarmac for 30 minutes when the pilot announced that it was now 7.25 – our next flight to Quito was at 7.35 so we panicked a little and got a serious jog on through the airport, on the Skytrain and down the escalators to see our plane drive off without us!
We’d missed our connection.

Luckily we got the most helpful American Airlines member of staff who literally took about 40 minutes dilly dallying around, faffing on the phone but after a bit of huffing and puffing on our part she leant over the counter and said I have managed to get you a free hotel, tea, breakfast and lunch and a seat on the next available flight to Quito at 3.30pm the next day – so what does that mean… A day on Miami beach, thank you American Airlines, cue more Will Smith sing along.

Arriving at the Regency Hotel in Miami to meet the receptionist, Alejandro who we got chatting to and he gave us some advice as to what we should spend our limited amount of time doing, in a Spanish / Italian accent he suggested “you just might want to erm, jump on the beach”. We just burst out laughing – it’s 1 of those lines that will stay with us forever, in fact, we are going to jump on the beach tomorrow to see what the hype is about (think he meant go swimming). We tucked into our free dinner and headed up for our king size bed, we’d been on the go for 24 hours.


Gentle morning stroll on Miami Beach


An early start after a well deserved sleep, our limo arrived at the hotel to take us to Miami Beach and the driver became our personal tour guide pointing out Marlins Park Baseball Stadium, Miami Heat Basketball Stadium and Fisher Island amongst other things. We decided to start in South Beach and we walked up the beach front, baking in our clothes we had travelled in the night before. Thinking about it, we haven’t seen our bags since checking them in at Chicago, let’s hope they arrive in Quito! Anyway, South Beach… Miami has such a ‘cool’ factor, we could definitely spend a few days here, but since we had another flight this afternoon we walked as far up the beach as we could, took some photos, searched for Miami Ink tattooist (Chloe wants a tattoo!), got some breakfast on Collins Avenue and spent a bit longer on the beach before heading back to the hotel, checking out and heading to the MIA airport, hoping that we make this flight …

… 40 hours later we arrived at our destination.

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6 comments to The Departure

  1. Lauren says:

    Not jealous of you spending a day in Miami at all! It hasn’t rained a drop, the sun is booming even the nights are staying lighter!
    Oh yeah that’s all in a dream!
    Glad you got there safe and sound!
    Love you both lots and look forward to reading the next blog!

  2. Charlotte says:

    I love a good freebie :) Glad you arrived safe in the U.S of A and it already sounds amazing! Enjoy xxx

  3. Susan says:

    It was good to see your blog, hope the tattoo did not hurt too much Chloe. I’m sure Stu would have been there for support lol. The big trip starts tomorrow enjoy and keep blogging Love Mum and Dad x

  4. Gary says:

    The journey begins !! And already your getting more than planned for !! Enjoy xxx dad

  5. stacie parsons says:

    BRILLIANT loved reading this, yes I admit missing you both but love that your both following your dreams together xxxxx

  6. Nikki says:

    I’ve just read about the flight and the awful time you had to endure oin Miami!! I bet you were so sad to have to speand 24 hours in a free hotel in a gorgeous place (I’m not jealous in the slightest LOL) Sounds like the adventures are starting already – I cant wait to read on and discover what other adventures you have had to date (I’ve got some catching up to do) George sends cuddles and kisses :)

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